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Rene Crigler is a contemporary artist living in the hudson valley of New york. Her current work draws from also working in the motorsports industry and is an exploration of painting with some of the same materials and processes used to create racecars., namely carbon fiber and automotive finishes.

rene's pop art style is heavily influenced by an earlier, formal education in the discipline of silkscreen printmaking and is  a simple study of contour line defining blocks of solid color, created by multiple thin layers of acrylic/gouache paint.

The paintings are of easily recognizable subjects and are often narrative, employing a variety of symbols that are sometimes camouflaged.  Examples include a bird, heart, lips, embryo, halo, as well as elements that are figurative or animalistic.

Rene returned to working in the automotive genre in 2015 and was the guest artist for the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo North American race series. She was selected by the indianapolis arts council and the indianapolis motor speedway to be one of 33 artists to create a welcome race fans art 'sign' that was displayed around the city during the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. She also had a public art installation at the Indianapolis International Airport during the months of April-June 2016 for this very special race.  

The paintings in these galleries range in price from $450 to $3600.